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The intelligent woman's guide to socialism and capitalism

the intelligent woman's guide to socialism and capitalism

To carry a capitalism parcel through the guide streets is not only a trouble, but a derogation from one's rank.
It is the prohibition of guide alcohol that rouses such opposition that the strongest capitalism governments shrink from it in spite of overwhelming evidence of the increase in material well-being produced by it wherever it has been risked.As to these drugs, not even a mob of medical students, expressly educated to make their living by trading in artificial health and happiness, dares protest against strenuous prohibition, provided they may still prescribe the drug; nevertheless the demand is so great in the classes.Anyhow, as idleness would be not only a criminal offence, but unladylike and ungentlemanly in the lowest degree, nobody would resent the laws against it as infringements capitalism of natural liberty.Naturally we shall get rid of them when we get rid of private property.The police officer, like the soldier who stands intelligent behind him, is mainly occupied today in enforcing the legalized robbery of the poor which takes place whenever the wealth produced by the labor of a productive worker is transferred as rent or interest to the pockets.The only law concerned in this is the law that we must all wear something in the presence of other people.And when we get rid of Commercialism, and vaccines no longer guide make dividends for capitalists, the fairy tales by which they are advertized will drop out of the papers, and be replaced, let us hope, by disinterested attempts to ascertain and publish the scientific truth. Shaw later became a music critic for the Star and for the World.
Speaking generally, it is a mistake to suppose that the absence of law means the absence of tyranny.
Shaw wrote the plays Man and Superman, Major Barbara, and Pygmalion, which was later adapted as My Fair Lady in both the musical and film form.
Here is a little example.
By getting rid of poverty we shall get rid of the unhappiness and worry which it causes.
We may be fighters helped by cast past labor; but we must live by present labor.They refuse houses to practitioners of the many kinds that are now not registered by the General Medical Council.In London we condemn these colonial extremes of snobbery; but how many ladies could we persuade to carry a jug of milk down Bond Street on a May afternoon, even for a bet?If they actually did the daily work of supplying London with water, they might reasonably claim either to work for less time or receive more for their work than a water-carrier qwerty in Elizabeth's time; but for doing no work at all windows they have not.If this book owed any of its quality to alcohol or to any other drug, it might amuse you more; but it would be enormously less conscientious intellectually, and therefore much more dangerous to your mind.As it happened, the inspector was a man of sense.The reason neruda why sensible people are as conventional as they can cast bear to be is that conventionality saves so much time and thought and trouble and social friction of one sort or another that it leaves them much more leisure for freedom than unconventionality does.Besides, the vast majority of modern drinkers do not feel any the worse for it, because they do not miss the extra efficiency they would enjoy on the water waggon.The mother who secures a rich idler as a husband for her daughter is proud of it: the father who makes a million uses it to make rich idlers of his children.My own excessively intelligent sedentary occupation makes me long to be a half-time navvy.Socialism would transfer this power of life and death from private hands to the hands of the constitutional authorities, and regulate it by public law.A country crammed with factories and machines, traversed in all directions by roadways, tramways and railways, dotted with aerodromes and hangars and garages, each crowded with aeroplanes and airships love and motor cars, would produce absolutely nothing at all except ruin and rust and decay.If she is a duchess she must dress in the fashion or be ridiculous.

In fact the most enviable women in this respect are nuns and policewomen, who, like gentlemen at evening parties and military officers on parade, never have to think the intelligent woman's guide to socialism and capitalism of what they will wear, as it is all settled for them by regulation and custom.
Thus you find that you can sometimes make a worker give up alcohol partly or wholly by giving her more leisure.

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